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Why the United States had to defeat the Japanese in World War II

When you think of the fight against the Japanese in World War II, you think of it being done by the United States. And that's what happened. My dad was there, as a Marine in Okinawa. He survived, but a lot of U.S. GIs didn't. And the Americans won, mostly because of the Atomic Bomb. My dad was part of the invasion force that ultimately didn't have to invade mainland Japan, because of that.

But it surprises a lot of people that both China and Russia were allied with the United States during World War II. And if you look at a map, you will see that both Russia and China are right there next to Japan. And they are huge countries, with gigantic populations, and they had large armies. But they couldn't do much in the way of fighting Japan. Which, of course, was a frustration to the United States.

If you're wondering why Russia couldn't do much, you have to consider how incredibly large Russia is, and that most of the population is thousands of miles west, near Europe. So, yes, the Russians fought the Nazis on the Western Front, but getting troops to fight Japan was logistically almost impossible. And as far as China goes, it has become a trivia question to ask if they were allied with America. Yes, they were, but they didn't seem to be able to make much of a dent in the fight against Japan.

It's all been so long ago that nowadays people seem to forget that the United States was sitting quietly and peacefully on December 7th, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Since then the U.S. has taken on a very strong military role in the world, but at the time, it was mostly interested in being left alone. After World War I, Americans had lost their taste for war, and considered what was going on in the Old World and Asia to be their problem. Yes, most Americans were isolationists.

And the war probably would have dragged on, if it hadn't been for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. And that was when Japan woke up a sleeping giant, and ultimately had to deal with the full force and fury of the United States. They had made a mistake.

My dad survived Okinawa, and the United States forced Japan to surrender. And if someone says that it was because of the Russians, or the Chinese, it's time for them to read a history book, or talk to my dad.

Tell it to the Marines!

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