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Some trivial facts about Glendale, Arizona during the 2015 Superbowl

Since the eyes of the country are about to be focused on Superbowl 49, and it will be played in the city where I live, Glendale, Arizona, I thought that I would write a few things that I've learned from living there for about twenty years. I'm interested in history, and I post photos of the Phoenix, Arizona, area on a Google+ page, so here are some stray bits of information that you may like.

• The 2015 Superbowl will be played at a stadium called the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix is an online school, and it paid for the right to name it when the stadium was built in 2005. There were other contenders for the name, but the price tag was very high, so they got it. So, no, the stadium isn't in Phoenix, it's in Glendale (which has its own mayor, police force, etc.), and no, there isn't a campus there, the stadium is not a stadium for a school. Here in Glendale, by the way, we usually call it Cardinals stadium. At least I do.

• Glendale wasn't named after anything in particular. Unlike Phoenix, which was named after the mythical bird, or Peoria, which was named after Peoria, Illinois, Glendale was just a cheerful name given to the community by William Murphy and his company who had built Grand Avenue and the Arizona Canal. They were encouraging people to live there by establishing it as a temperance colony (no alcohol to be sold, ever!), but they forgot all about that when Prohibition was repealed in 1933.

I was going to go on and explain how names are pronounced, but, Glendale, Northern, Olive, Peoria, Cactus, Thunderbird, etc. really aren't all that that tricky, so I'm no help there. When in doubt about a Spanish-looking word, pronounce two lls as a y (as in Estrella - Es-tray-YA) and g's as h's, (as in Saguaro - Sah-WAH-row). But you probably know that from ordering torillas, etc.

At the risk of sounding like the Chamber of Commerce, I am very proud of where I live. My old stomping grounds is Los Angeles, and whenever I take the exit off of the I-10 north on the 101, I am pleased by what I see, Glendale, Arizona.
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