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How Facebook comforts people in times of loss

As a marketing person, I determined many years ago what a complete waste of time Facebook was. It was filled with the most trivial stuff about people's lives imaginable, it didn't enhance Search Engine Optimization like Google+ does, and so I said goodbye to Facebook and closed my account.

And then someone I knew died, and I saw Facebook turn into something really amazing. I started up my Facebook account again (which is pretty easy, as even when you close it, it seems to be standing by), and posted information that people wanted to know. And what I saw was a thing of beauty. Facebook became a place for people to connect, to share their grief, and to celebrate a life.

Often in times of grief we don't know what to say, but we want to be there, and say something. And suddenly even the tiniest of comments becomes very important. Death makes us all feel alone, and it's so nice to think that we're not. Facebook may be a modern medium, but the process of showing that we care, with small gestures, sometimes as simple as laying a flower on the ground, is as old as the history of the human race. It's nice to show that we care, and to see that other people feel the same way.
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