This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

Why I live in Phoenix, Arizona

A question that I often ask of people is why they have chosen to live where they are. Everyone has to live somewhere, and there is always a reason. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, in a suburb called Glendale, and I am very happy here.

The main reason that I live in Phoenix, Arizona is that it never snows here. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and unlike most of my friends, I never got used to the cold. I never did winter sports. I was in Minneapolis because that's where my parents lived, and I was a kid, but my goal when I grew up was to get away from the cold, which I did when I was 19.

During my first year of college, in Minneapolis, I started working part-time for an inventory company that hired young people to do physical inventory. That is, vans would be filled up with minimum-wage employees and they would go into stores and count what was on the shelves. And this job gave me the springboard to get out of Minneapolis.

The company had offices all over the country. One day I asked my boss if they had an office in Phoenix, Arizona. I knew nothing about Phoenix, except that it was warm, and my parents had often taken vacations there, coming back with glowing reviews. I had never been to Phoenix, and I think I recall that I expected to see cowboys and Indians shooting at each other, and sand dunes. But it didn't matter, I just wanted to get away from snow and cold. I had a car, and a driver's license, and I could read maps. My boss called the Phoenix office, and after a brief conversation, turned to me and told me that they were expecting me.

So I headed west. I arrived in August, with a car that had no air conditioning, bought a newspaper so I could find a place to live, visited two places, noticed that the sun was going down, and decided on the first place, where I lived until I moved to Tempe.

After I got my Graphic Design degree at Arizona State University, I moved to Los Angeles, where I lived for a few years, doing fairly well. Then I visited a friend of mine in Phoenix. And I remember the feeling of coming home. Phoenix felt so good to me. It was like wearing an old jacket that I really liked. The cost of living in Phoenix was so much lower than Los Angeles that even though I took a major pay cut by getting a job there, my standard of living went way up. I had an apartment on a golf course, and I was able to buy a house in the suburbs.

Phoenix is a great place to live. And every November I'm reminded of what brought me here, the beautiful weather, and what brought me back to Phoenix, Arizona, my town.

By the way, I collect old photos of Phoenix and post them on a Google+ page. The photo above is of Phoenix in the 1960s.
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