This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

Using genealogy to try to prove race superiority

I have to admit to being very naive about my study of my genealogy. I have always been interested in history, and the story of my family gives me a chance to *time travel*. I like seeing things through their eyes. I like imagining what their lives were like, what the sunrise looked like to them, what they felt.

But then I realized that there are people who try to use genealogy to try to prove that their race, or nationality, is superior. And they point to achievements by certain people as if somehow it could prove race superiority. As if an ancestor, who was a great leader, or great athlete, proves something, and by proxy, gives those attributes to everyone who is related to them. What nonsense.

I like learning about my ancestors, and about all of the people who have made planet earth their home. And whether someone is of the same race, or nationality, as me, is meaningless. All I want to remember is that they sweated beneath the same sun, and looked up in wonder at the same moon. And that's more than enough for me. The only thing is proves is that we all get about the same lifespan, and it's up to us to do what we can with it.
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