This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

What an Aryan is

Last night in a restaurant I overhead someone use the term *Aryan* in conversation. It's an ancient term for anyone who has particular facial and body characteristics, specifically blond(e) hair, blue eyes, and light skin. You don't hear it much, and while it's not a bad word, it's kind of like seeing a swastika, a bit shocking in pubic.

During World War II, the German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, used the term Aryan to describe what he called *The Master Race*. And so, like the swastika, which is also an ancient symbol, the term Aryan took on a sinister meaning, and has come to be associated with the Holocaust, where Nazi Germany put millions of people to death, and eugenics, which was a concept designed to do ethnic cleansing.

If you've studied much about race history in the world, you know that there is really no such thing as race. Attempts to measure it by skin color, or skull structure, or anything, has proven to be useless. As a species, we've interbred all over the world for so many thousands of years that there is no such thing as a *pure race*. But that doesn't stop people from wishing that it were so, as if a group of people with a small gene pool were somehow better. But we know better now, and we know that the best chance that a species has is to have as wide a gene pool as possible.

By the way, of course I'm not an Aryan. I'm a white guy, and I have blue eyes, but I have Mediterranean blood mixed in with my northern European genetics, so I am not part of the master race as imagined by Hitler. I am part of a much more important race, the human race, which is the successful species of Homo Sapiens, which has a bright future on this planet. I am human, please feel free to describe me as such.
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