This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

Southern Italy, and my family

Although I am most often referred to as a *white guy*, and my name, and paternal side is English, on my maternal side I am Italian. In fact, if you could divide my brothers and I up into the various nationalities we inherited, and you were in a hurry, you would simply say, *Italian*. And yes, Southern Italian. My brothers and I are only the second generation born in America. My mom was the first.

My grandfather, Lorenzo Scinto, came from Southern Italy in 1897, at the age of 5, with his mother. His father followed soon afterwards. And it must have been pretty scary. If you're familiar with the largest mass lynching in the history of the US, you know that Italians, especially Southern Italians, weren't particularly welcomed at that time, to put it mildly.

Lorenzo Scinto
I'm sure that my grandfather dreamed of a world where there would be no hatred based on race, or nationality. And in spite of a world that continues to cheer for their national teams, and goes to war, and kills each other because of race and religion, I have that same hope. My face, and the faces of my brothers, although only two generations away from our Southern Italian ancestors, no longer carry such a clear message. I call this *not knowing who to hate*. And as families are created, and nationalities, races, and religions, mix, it will be increasingly difficult to know who to hate. And that's my hope for the future.
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