This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

Mormons in my family

Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints (either term is fine, although the latter shows a bit more respect) in my family are one of the big reasons that I was able to do such thorough research on my genealogy.

I live in Arizona, which has a tremendous Mormon community, a Temple in Mesa, and more importantly to me, a Family History Library, which is open to everyone. There, instead of an internet genealogy company, is a library of original books, and copies of original books. I did all of my research before the common use of the internet, and it was done by looking at, and making copies of, original documents. LDS people take their genealogy seriously.

Illustration from the Book of Mormon
I remembering being confused about what exactly Mormons were all about. I had read the Book of Mormon (mostly I looked at pictures) when I was thirteen, but growing up in Minneapolis, I had little opportunity to talk to anyone about it. Yes, there was a Mormon family in the neighborhood, but it wasn't as if I knew any kids at school who were Mormon.

I lucked out one year while teaching Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Phoenix in the '90s. A casual remark that I made to one of my students that I was researching my family history made her mention that she was doing the same, in anticipation of her upcoming marriage. I professed my ignorance of Mormonism, and she was kind enough to lend me some books, written for children.

Since then I've been trying to get better acquainted with the story of Jesus Christ in the Americas. When LDS Missionaries visit, I talk to them. I ask questions, especially on how to pronounce things. You really can't get pronunciation from reading stuff.

I can trace my family history, with documentation, here in America back to the 1630s. And I owe a lot of it to the members of my family who are Mormons.

Genealogy changes CHARTS, Family History changes HEARTS.
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