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Love and courtship in old Los Angeles, California

If you're familiar with the 1960s song "Surf City", you may remember that the refrain was, "two girls for every boy!" The city that they were talking about was Los Angeles.

When I moved to Los Angeles, in the 1980s, I got to see what this disparity between eligible young men and women meant. Of course, it was great for us guys, and I had the most gorgeous girlfriend in town, but I couldn't help but notice that it wasn't so great for the girls.

I have no idea how people "meet people", but they do, always have and always will. Look at the world around us. Boys meet girls, they marry, and have children. And when it works, it's the most wonderful thing that can happen to someone. They write songs about it. When it doesn't work, it makes the world a cold and lonely place.

There was a sales rep who visited the company where I worked who did "dance parties". She was happily engaged, but she had a lot of female friends who just weren't meeting eligible young men. In her travels she met many eligible young people, both male and female, and wanted to get them together. So she had dance parties. Her dance parties had no alcohol, just music, and dancing. I couldn't help but think how old-fashioned this all was. Whether this would be considered a random act of kindness for this woman, or meddling in other people's affairs, I can't say. I just know that she did it. I went to one of her parties, before I had a steady girlfriend, but nothing clicked for me (or the girls who met me) there.

From what I understand, Los Angeles is still a terrible place to be a young eligible woman. The fact remains that you need one girl for every boy.
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