This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

What I still find amazing about Phoenix, Arizona

I moved to Phoenix, Arizona at age 19, from Minnesota, and after I got my degree at Arizona State University, I lived in Southern California for six years. This is all in the, uh, distant past now but I still  look at Arizona with amazement because of the two other places that I lived.

First and foremost, it's November and it's wonderfully warm. Where I grew up, in Minneapolis, November was always cold. Very cold. Here in Phoenix, Arizona, as I type this on November 13th, it is over 80 degrees outside. And while it really means nothing to my friends who grew up here, it never fails to amaze me that there will never, ever be any snow here.

The spaces are so wide open here! I grew up in south Minneapolis, where the main streets were about as wide as the sidewalks here in Glendale, Arizona. Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but not much. Everything is so spread out. The sky is huge. And since I lived in Los Angeles, the streets here are virtually empty by comparison. There are traffic jams, like at rush hour, but the neighborhoods aren't jammed with cars parked everywhere.

Everyone speaks English. Even if Spanish is their first language, you can always speak English in Phoenix. Not so in Los Angeles. There are many people there who only speak their native language, and even if you know a little Spanish, like I do, it's not enough. It took me quite a while to realize that everywhere I went, even in "ethnic" parts of Phoenix, English was spoken.

There is always plenty of parking in Phoenix. Even when people say that there is "no parking " here, they just mean "not right up in front of the store". Parking lots are huge, and they are never, ever filled all of the way up.

The sky is so blue. I lived in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, and the sky there was, and is, sort of tan. And Phoenix is so clean. What I remember about LA is that it had the dirt that could never be scraped off, on buildings, freeway signs, everything.

There may be more beautiful cities to live in than Phoenix, but I will never go there. True, I only have Minneapolis and Los Angeles to compare it to, but for me that's enough.

Dang, I love it here!
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