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How to use the words I and me correctly in English

The English language is kind'a like a secret handshake. Used correctly, it conveys to a listener that you are educated. Well, at least well-read. Used incorrectly, it sends a clear message of, uh, the opposite. And the best way to show your ignorance is to use the words "I" and "me" incorrectly. Here is the correct usage in a sentence:

She and I are going to the store.

At the store, an award was given for using the English language correctly to she and me.

If you use the English language regularly, it should be easy to recognize when a mistake is made in a sentence like this. Simply remove the "she and" from the sentence. You wouldn't say "me are going to the store", would you? Or "the award was given to I"?

I hope that this helps. And, no, I won't correct you in public, that would be rude. That's why I wrote this.
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