This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

What hearing a foreign accent tells you about a person

The moment I hear someone with a foreign accent talk to me, I immediately think, "wow, this person speaks two languages". At least.

I grew up in the United States of America, and the vast majority of the people that I have known in my longish life have only spoken one language. And many of these people wouldn't even consider learning a foreign language. And when these people scoff at the sound of an accent, I immediately know that they cannot not speak a foreign language, and that they have never even tried.

As comedian Ron White once said, "You can't fix stupid". But I wish I could. When you laugh at someone with an accent, you are putting a big arrow over your head saying "stupid". I wish I could fix it, but I can't. I just feel sorry for people who only speak one language.

Learning a foreign language is the first step out of living in a narrow world. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but believe me, a lot of people do it. And if you laugh at them, well, it's just because you don't know.
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