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Why my college is not a football team to me

Like most people, I have fond memories of college. I am as proud of my school as anyone should be of theirs, but it's not a football team.

As a lifelong pacifist, I have always been opposed to, in addition to war, teaching our children violence and brutality through the encouragement of ground-acquisition games like football. I was a child of the seventies, who believed in love, not war. And if you're wondering if there are more people like me, there are. Just imagine.

After I graduated from ASU, I was in the habit of wearing an ASU sweatshirt. I am a graduate of ASU, and that makes me a Sun Devil. My degree from ASU has served me well in my career, and, as I said, I have fond memories of the old alma mater.

But after a few years I stopped wearing my school colors. People in restaurants would ask me about "the game". Since I know nothing about any football game, I was accused of not "really being a Sun Devil". And that's when I realized that for most people my college was a football team.

My college is not a football team. It's a campus where a lot of wonderful things happen, including education. No, don't worry, I'm not going to lobby to try to end the proliferation of games of violence on our college campuses, I know that there is too much money in that to even try. It's the same, I'm afraid, with war. Yes, it would be nice if these things went away. I won't live to see the end of this type of public display of hatred and violence, but I can imagine a world without it.

And in the meantime, my school will not be a football team to me.
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