This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

The Steele family of Marquette, Michigan

In this blog I usually focus on the paternal side of my family, the Puritans. My maternal side doesn't go back quite so far in this country, but there is a particular part of the family that has always interested me - the Steele family of Marquette, Michigan.

No, my name isn't Steele. I kind'a wish it was, maybe with a first name of Remington, or something. Anyway, Andrew Steele was of Scottish descent. That's why I have the "Parking for Scottish only" sign in my garage.

Andrew Steele is the man at right. In this photo he is 44 years old and his bride, Susan Isabel (Hume) Steele, is sitting next to him. She is 22. The other people in the wedding photo are children from his previous marriage. I don't know much about the Steeles, other than she ran the boarding house and he had been a Railroad Engineer right around the time of the assassination of President Lincoln.

The name Isabell, Isbel, and Isabelle re-occurs in the family line, by the way. Her mother, Isbell (Scott) Hume was born in 1818 in Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland. The spelling is from the family Bible, but people weren't all that particular about spelling in those days.

I have the family Bible for this side of the family. And because it has been in the family for so long, and because it usually passed from daughter to daughter, there are a lot of last names in it. It's traditional for the family Bible to pass to the eldest daughter, so after many generations of marriage, there are a lot of surnames. The Bible has been in my hands since my grandmother died as no one else in the family had any interest in it. It is earmarked to go to a cousin of mine who is also a direct descendent of the Hume/Steele family. I will be mailing it to her as a wedding gift later this year. From what I understand, she will cherish it, and the family will continue.
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