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How the term "nutritious food" has changed in America

Yesterday a friend of mine said, "well, you and I have different definitions for 'nutritious food'". And that really just summed it up for me, as I have been listening to people talk about "nutritious food" for the past several years. We were looking at kale, by the way. Kale. So far away from any definition of nutritious food to me, it was hard to imagine.

Nutritious food supports life. It provides energy by way of calories to give energy to people and animals. The better it is at supporting life, the more energy it gives and, well, keeps people alive, the more nutritious it is. And it just shows how effectively the marketing people have hijacked this idea to the people in the United States, that they have come to accept that food that would barely keep "body and soul" together is what people should be eating.

People are starving all over the world. When someone points to kale as the best food for nutrition, they have clearly never given a thought to starvation. And with a tip of the hat to my industry, marketing, they have managed to convince just about everybody I talk to, especially my friends in California, that the best food is not only the least effective in supporting life, it's also the kind that goes bad the fastest and costs the most. Good for the marketing people, and, well, my overweight friends in California can afford it.

The first really big push to combat world hunger began after the end of World War II, when Europe was starving. Of course, starvation had always been an issue, but when it really started to impact the Western World, scientists stood up and took notice. And what starving people needed was nutritious food that did not make them sick, did not go bad easily, and gave them calories to support life. They needed bread.

I nearly starved to death once in my life, and believe me, they didn't give me kale. They gave me food that helped with my recovery, that gave me calories for life, and energy. There are people right now coming up with ways to combat hunger and starvation all over the world. They are working on the same thing that the scientists started after World War II, increased yield. Mostly of bread.

So, I promise to stop arguing with my friends who are fat and rich and say that bread isn't nutritious and that kale is. Luckily, they are surrounded by so much nutritious food that they will be OK. This is America, after all!
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