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Where to invest in land in the Phoenix, Arizona area

If you've ever driven past somewhere in the Phoenix, Arizona area and said, "I wish that I had bought land there", it's not too late. In fact, Phoenix will continue to grow. But the trick is to know where to invest. To do this, you will need to find two things, land and water. Luckily, the Phoenix, Arizona area has a lot of both.

After the streets are all in, and the houses and shopping centers are built, it's easy to recognize good places in the valley. Recognizing a potentially good area to invest in means that you will have to realize a few things that few people know.

• The Phoenix area is not flat. It may seem flat as you drive over it, but get out of your car. The valley tilts southwest. And it tilts down towards the Salt and The River. The reason that this is important is that you have to understand where the floodplains are. Land is cheap in the floodplains for a reason.

• The Phoenix area has rivers. But if you're looking at the big empty gouge just south of the airport, called "The Salt River", you are looking in the wrong place. The rivers flow through canals, coming from as far away as The Colorado, or The Verde, or The Salt. And, referring to the above point, make sure that your land is below a river, not above it. Water prefers to run downhill. But, again, stay out of the floodplains.

Here is what you need to do. Turn off the labels in Google Satellite. Find the dams around the valley. Also look for the really big one up on the Colorado River. Follow the water. Today, just as 100 years ago, it's all about water.

Pictured: The Hassayampa Valley on the west side of The White Tank Mountains. Do you see the river? Hint - it started at Hoover Dam
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