This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

Why I hate guided tours

Everyone knows what you are supposed to do when you visit an historic site - take a guided tour. And it's the one thing I hate. When I go somewhere, I want to see the place, not listen to someone talk. When I go somewhere, I want to see it, I want to experience it. Chances are very good that I have done "my homework" on the web before I go, and if I haven't I will do it when I get home.

Of course proper etiquette demands that you stand in a group and stare at someone who is explaining what you should be looking at. And I know it's rude of me not to stand there listening, but really, I don't want to.

I came to realize this back in the 90s when I was able to get inside of the Guest House at The Sahuaro Ranch. What an amazing place that is! I have walked around the outside many times, and was curious about the inside. Unfortunately, when I got inside I was made to stand in a group and listen to someone who was dressed up as if they were in a high school play about the 1800s. After a few minutes of this I found myself taking a step or two away and looking around. That caught the attention of the speaker, and the group, who were shocked. I apologized and went back to standing there and staring at this person, all the while wishing I could look around at the house. A good lesson for me - don't take a guided tour!

So, please if you want me to pay attention to amateur theatrics, please don't do it in a place where I want to look around. The temptation is too great for me.
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