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The most valuable, and the least valuable land in the Phoenix, Arizona area

Every knows that the three most important things in Real Estate are location, location, location. And if you would like to know where the most valuable, and the least valuable, land in the Phoenix area is, all you need to do is to know a little geography. Don't worry - it's this simple: The Valley tilts down towards the southwest. In other words, top to bottom, right to left.

So the most valuable land is in the northeast corner (Scottsdale, north Scottsdale etc.) and the least valuable land is in the southwest corner (south Phoenix, Laveen, etc.). And the reason for this hasn't changed since the pioneers started building permanent settlements and farms here in the 1860s - flooding.

If you've lived in Phoenix for a while you know that it never rains in the desert. But it when it does, the city floods. And in spite of making small efforts to control flooding in the past 150 years, mostly people just ignore it, and wait for the water to drain away. It drains, as you may have suspected, southwest.

Staying away from rivers, washes and creeks is important, too. There are minor inconveniences, such as the wash along Hayden Road, and then there are major floodplains, such as the convergence of New River and The Agua Fria River out west.

The diversion channel in Phoenix, and the only one, runs along parallel with The Arizona Canal. It actually catches a huge amount of flood water that for over 100 years poured down into the valley at about where the I-17 freeway is, and now sends it out to drain at The Agua Fria just west of the Cardinal's Stadium in Glendale. Good for the Phoenix, and Glendale, not so good for areas around the Agua Fria and south of that, which flood even more.

I hope this helps. When in doubt, before investing in land, go visit it after it has been raining for a while. If you can't get to it, forget it.
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