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English language - using the words me and I correctly

If you're a history buff, you know that the English language changes with use. Dictionaries don't dictate the language, they record how it is being used at any given time. There was a time when *Thou art* wasn't just found in the Bible, it's how people spoke. So waving an English grammar book in front of someone is mostly an exercise in frustration. Give it another generation or so and what is wrong will be correct.

As of this writing, the use of words *I* and *me* are going through a change in use. Oddly enough, *I* is making a comeback, when it really should have gone away a long time ago. The words really do mean the same thing - me, myself and I. But apparently so many people have been criticized for using *me*, that they having been using *I* incorrectly for a long time. And in the future, it won't be wrong. But today, if you use the word *I* when you should have used the word *me*, or the other way around, you will sound pretty dumb. Here is the correct way to check if you are using the word correctly.

Usually people will be unsure if they should use *me* or *I* when they are using it in combinations like this -

My friend and I went downtown.

or should it be

My friend and me went downtown?

To check it, all you have to do is to remove *My friend and*. You wouldn't say, *Me went downtown*, would you? Unless you were Tarzan, of course. You would say, *I went downtown*. But here is where most people are getting it wrong these days and sounding like imbeciles:

They gave the award to my friend and I.

or should it me

They gave the award to my friend and me?

It's easy to check the same way - take out *my friend and*. You wouldn't say, *They gave the award to I*, would you? You would say, *They gave the award to me*. So the correct phrase is *They gave the award to my friend and me*.

On behalf of my Anglo-Saxon ancestors, I deeply apologize for the English language, which is just a mess. But speaking it correctly can have a positive impact on your life, especially at a job interview.

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