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Why pirates use the word *be*

Pirate talk sounds like this - *today I be sailing, yesterday I be sailing, tomorrow I be sailing, I be sailing all of my life*. Actually a lot of people with limited educations talked like this in the 1800s, and not just pirates. It has to do with the verb in the English language *to be*. It's an irregular verb, and it's just a mess. For such a commonly-used verb, it is extremely complex. It goes like this

• Today I am sailing. How *am* is connected to the verb to be, I have no idea.

• Yesterday I was sailing. Seriously? *Was* is from the verb to be?

• Tomorrow I will be sailing. Makes a little more sense, but has to be used with the word *will*.

• I have been sailing all of my life. Really?

What a ridiculously complex verb *to be* is! No wonder pirates didn't even try!
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