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The difference between Christianity and Islam

Being a typical American, I grew up knowing just about nothing about different countries, different cultures, and different religions. I am still so ignorant that it's embarrassing. So I say only what I know to be true about the differences between Christianity and Islam.

But before I talk about the differences, let me tell you about the similarities. Both Christians and Islamics worship the same God. Islamics call him Allah, Christians call him God. But he is the same God that the Jews worship, the God of the Old and the New Testament, and of the Koran.

So here are the major differences between Christianity and Islam:

• Even though the God is the same, the prophets are different. In Christianity, the prophet is Jesus Christ. In Islam, it's Mohammed. In Christianity, Jesus is a deity, the son of God. In Islam, Mohammed is a wise man, but not a deity. By the way, Jesus was single, Mohammed was married. The story of the Christian's prophet is in The New Testament of the Bible, Mohammed is in the Koran.

And that's about it. Both groups worship the same God and follow a prophet who spoke of peace and love. But for some reason, people have been misunderstanding this for thousands of years, and even killing each other about this.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is horrible.
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