This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

On the Hall farm in Minnesota

One of the solid foundations of my family was the Hall farm in Martin county, Minnesota. Here is an interesting photo of Truman and Anna Hall, circa early 1950s or late 1940s. I've had this photo for a long time and there are things about it which puzzle me. The hand-tinting, although clumsy, indicates that someone went to a lot of trouble with this photo. I have a lot of old family photos hanging up in my house, but not this one.

I have other photos of Truman as a young man and he did seem to prefer his hair longer on top and shorter on the sides. But the apparent "mohawk" in this photo is just plain weird. Granted, it is outdoors and the wind is blowing, but just exactly what kind of hairstyle was this?

Truman is holding a pipe, legs crossed and seated, while his wife Anna stands leaning on the back of his chair. It doesn't look to me that they had much of a porch so the rocking chair must have been  brought out from inside the house.

Truman was not a tall man, so based on how thin he looks here, he probably didn't weight much, but he was a tough old bird. He and Anna took in two grandchildren during the depression. And their son moved back to the farm when he was in his fifties.

From what I have read about Truman, he believed in clean living. And no one at that time thought that tobacco did you any harm, so the pipe really means nothing. He died before I was born so I never knew him, and I was just a baby when Anna died. There are still a lot of Hall descendants in Martin and Blue Earth county, southern Minnesota, and I am sure that they are just as tough and Truman and Anna were.

But hopefully, they have found a better barber!
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