This blog is about the story of my family here in America. We arrived in the 1630s as Puritans, and became the common folk of the New World.

A little house on the prairie

My family has some very deep roots in Minnesota, especially in southern Minnesota. If you've ever read "The Little House on the Prairie" books, or watched the TV show, you know the area. I still have family living there. It's kind of cool to think that my family has been there for over 150 years.

Elisha Banks Hall
The "little house on the prairie" that my family lived in was in where the town of Fairmont, Minnesota is, not far from Mankato. Elisha Banks Hall was one of the original "mountain men" - although there are no mountains in Minnesota! According to anecdotal evidence, he fought Indians, wrassled grizzly bears, etc., all that "Daniel Boone" stuff. He was mostly a hunter and a trapper, and he ran a fur-trading post. I have a pretty clear picture of his life, and it's probably clearer than what what most people who lived near him knew.

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Perlicia Jane (Parker) Hall
Elisha Banks Hall was about 40 years old when he married Perlicia Jane Parker, who was 17. She died at the age of 29, and her mother, Margaret Ann (Thomas) Parker, then moved in with Elisha to care for her grandchildren. Margaret was about two years older than Elisha. Margaret lived into her 90s, and I'm sure that she saw some dramatic changes happen to "the old frontier" of Minnesota. Elisha lived to be almost 80, and became something of a local "celebrity" in Fairmont as one of its first pioneers. Even Hall Lake is named after him.

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Margaret Ann (Thomas) Parker
Anyway, Elisha and Margaret were about the same age, and lived in the little house on the prairie together. My guess is that most people thought that they were a couple, not a son-in-law and mother-in-law. Margaret out-lived them all. And in this picture of her is from 1910, she doesn't look all that pleased about it!

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